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This document ( analyzes the role of data-driven methodologies in Covid-19 pandemic. We provide a SWOT analysis and a roadmap that goes from the access to data sources to the final decision-making step. We aim to review the available methodologies while anticipating the difficulties and challenges in the development of data-driven strategies to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. A 3M-analysis is presented: Monitoring, Modelling and Making decisions. The focus is on the potential of well-known data-driven schemes to address different challenges raised by the pandemic: i) monitoring and forecasting the spread of the epidemic; (ii) assessing the effectiveness of government decisions; (iii) making timely decisions. Each step of the roadmap is detailed through a review of consolidated theoretical results and their potential application in the Covid-19 context. When possible, we provide examples of their applications on past or present epidemics. We do not provide an exhaustive enumeration of methodologies, algorithms and applications. We do try to serve as a bridge between different disciplines required to provide a holistic approach to the epidemic: data science, epidemiology, control theory, etc. That is, we highlight effective data-driven methodologies that have been shown to be successful in other contexts and that have potential application in the different steps of the proposed roadmap. To make this document more functional and adapted to the specifics of each discipline, we encourage researchers and practitioners to provide feedback ( We will update this document regularly.

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Keywords: Review, Data-Driven Methods, Monitoring, Model, Forecast, Predictive Control, Optimal Control